Data Protection

We, EMS GmbH, take the protection of your private data very seriously. Therefore, we comply with statutory provisions for data protection. In the sections below, we briefly explain how we protect your data and what it means for you when you make use of our online offering.

Access data
When our Internet pages are called up, EMS GmbH receives access data that is stored for protective purposes and aids in identification. This data includes:
• the name of your Internet service provider;
• the country from which you are accessing the site;
• the website that has directed you to our Intenet presence;
• the search term you use, if you come to our site via a search engine;
• The websites of EMS GmbH that you visit;
• the user tool (web browser, operating system) you use to access our website;
• files that you download from our website (e.g. PDF or Word documents);
• the duration of your visit; and
• the date and the time of your visit.
This data is analyzed by EMS GmbH so that we can familiarise ourselves with and evaluate user behaviour. We do not make use of personal data in the process.

Personal data
Personal data is information that is used explicitly to determine your identity. It includes information such as your name, your e-mail address and your postal address. The only time we save personal data in addition to your access data is if you give us this information voluntarily, e.g. as part of a registration, a contact inquiry, registration for a newsletter or an online order. Moreover, personal data is used only to the extent necessary and only for the legally permissible purpose for which you gave your consent. All data is stored on specially protected servers. Using our order system is regarded as consenting to the storage and use of your data by EMS GmbH and its partners.

Passing on personal data to third parties
EMS GmbH renders some of its services together with selected partners. These partners are subject to the same strict statutory provisions for data protection. Personal data is only passed on:
• when processing order-related data, such as for online orders; and
• in individual cases, provided you have given your prior consent.
Additional information – such as voluntary statements about your primary areas of interest – is not passed on to third parties by EMS GmbH. Personal data is conveyed to state institutions and authorities only within the scope of statutory or judicial obligations.

Power of revocation
If you request in writing that EMS GmbH cease from using or delete your personal data, we shall do so immediately. If you are registered as a user, we also offer you the opportunity to view the data for yourself and delete or change as necessary.

Cookies are small text files that are used by many websites. Cookies are created during your visit to our website and are placed on your hard disk by our server. Our cookies contain no information about specific individuals. Moreover, cookies placed by our servers can only be read again by us and not by any external website. Most browsers are set to automatically accept cookies. If you do not wish to enjoy the advantages of cookies, you can deactivate this function in your browser. You can also view our website without cookies. However, this may restrict the use of some features.

Our website contains links to other websites. We make every effort to check these direct links. EMS GmbH is not responsible for the content of the websites to which we link. EMS GmbH is also not responsible for the content of websites that link to our website.

EMS GmbH reserves the right to alter these guidelines for data protection at any time in compliance with the stipulations of data-protection law.

Questions and comments:
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Data Protection