Air Berlin is flying with oxygen systems of EMS


Logo_Air_Berlin_JPG_KLEIN.jpgFrom today Air Berlin has established the oxygen system WS 120 on their flights as bookable additive oxygen supply. With the system are attended flights of Air Berlin as well as of LTU. So there is a further airline supplying the systems of EMS to their passengers and patients. The systems can be booked in advance by passengers or organisations and will be on their disposal on board.

Air Berlin was convinced by EMS’s know-how in this area as well as their customized master plan, the long-time successful use of the systems at other airlines and the service capability of the systems. At last with one single system it is possible to supply a passenger with oxygen during flight durations up to 20 hours.

We are glad that Air Berlin as well as other well-known airlines like Lufthansa, Air France, KLM, Condor is trusting in the systems and the know-how of EMS. EMS also is maintenance partner of Air Berlin and is assuring that always proper systems are available for a smooth flight.

We wish all the best for Air Berlin and their passengers!